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Meet The Team

We’re proud to be offering an incredible IT experience to our customers. We’re not your standard hard-to-understand IT people. We’re normal people who understand IT.

Steven Sedory


Jessica Sedory


Kody Bakos


Javier Monroy

Support Manager

John Kerns

Tier III Engineer

Tim Sedory

Tier I Support Tech

Matthew Sedory

Tier I Engineer

Ryan Swenson

Tier I | Support Tech

Josiah Castellano

Account Executive

Molly Cundiff


Sam Lopez

Executive Assistant

Duke Tusitanonkul

Tier I Support Tech

Karl Kao

Tier I Support Tech

Bryan Galanes

Tier I Support Tech

Charlie Luber

Tier I Support Tech

Kyle Walthart

Implementation Tech

Mark Colgan

Tier III Engineer

Ken Creasman

Tier III Engineer

David Kennedy

Tier II Support Tech

David Gury

Operations Tech

Erik Swenson

Tier III Engineer