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Yealink W56H Dect Phone Handset Only


Yealink W56H Dect Phone Handset Only

The Yealink W56H is the next-generation wireless handset designed for business use with excellent battery life and high compatibility. Combining the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice- over-IP telephony, it empowers users with convenience of wireless communication that users can enjoy conversations in excellent speech quality, benefit from freedom of mov- ement and its professional features. The attractive design with 2.4″ color screen underlined by its modern look is what defines this state-of-the-art VoIP wireless telephone.

Up to 50 meters indoor

Up to 300 meters outdoor

30 hours talk time

400 hours standby time

12-key numerical keypad

5 navigation keys

2 softkeys

6 function keys

6 shortcut keys

Charger: DC 5V/600mA Output

Maximum transmission power: 10 milliwatts

Color: Alabaster Silver

Phone size: 175mm x 53mm x 20.3mm